"The Earth is art, the photographer is only a witness"

About me

My name is Matteo Rolfi. I was born in 1990 in Italy (Mondovi', Piemont) and after my university studies I moved to Switzerland (Lugano) in 2015 for work reasons.


After I relocated, my personality began to change and I started to travel around every weekend, eager to discover this new country in which I had landed.


I immediately began to feel a strong desire to take pictures of every new place I was exploring, and I started doing so with my mobile phone. One year later, I decided to give myself a Christmas present: my first reflex camera. Since then, this desire has become a passion...and now almost an obsession.


Today I am still working and living in Switzerland, but in the Canton of Zug. It is an amazing and central place, perfect for people like me who love nature, mountains and adventures...Of course to be experienced alongside with my camera!


Mirador Base De Las Torres

My achievements:

2021 - The pictures "Sagittarius" and "Low Mist" won an honorable mention in the Annual Photography Awards 2021, category landscapes


2021 - The picture "Mount Taranaki At Night" won an honorable mention in the Monochrome Photography Awards 2021, category landscapes


2020 - The picture "Sagittarius won an honorable mention in the International Photography Awards IPA 2020, category movement

2019 - The Luzerner and Zuger Zeitung interviewed me and wrote an article on the newspaper and online. Full article

2018 - One wildlife photography has been for one day on the homepage of National Geographic website.




Some things only "happen" at sunrise, sunset and night...when colors are vibrant, the lights reveal mysteries, and the stars create their magic...Because of this, you can't expect to sleep long.


Other things only "happen" in bad weather...and you have to fight against the cold, rain and strong gusts of wind...especially if you are in the mountains of Switzerland or Patagonia where the conditions are often unpredictable.

But...It really doesn't matter, does it?!  


I simply love to take my backpack and start out on an adventure with the goal of capturing the beauty of nature in special situations, weather conditions and moods. I love to frame a place in a "unique" moment that you do not get to experience otherwise. It requires a lot of patience, planning and sometimes luck, but you are never wasting your time, since you get to spend it surrounded by nature.


You will also find peace, and the location will be “yours” for most of the time, because other people will have already left or are yet to come.



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